Shopping at the mall?

You may be reading this wondering what we are all about. So here it is … we’ve noticed something you’ve likely noticed long ago – NOBODY IS PERFECT. That is why we believe in second chances, forgiveness and new beginnings. We don’t sell anything and we are not a retail store. We provide a place for personal prayer, honest conversations and community programs intentionally designed with our community in mind. EVERYONE IS WELCOME… especially shoppers.

If You Are

Looking for a place to escape the chaos of the mall during your break?
We have a lounge with free coffee open seven days a week

Looking for someone safe/neutral to talk with about a current life situation?
Stop by anytime and one of our volunteers would be happy to chat. You can also schedule a complimentary appointment with a professional counsellor, pastor or community chaplain and meet them at the Chapel as well

Looking for a quiet place to reflect and pray?
At the back of the chapel we have a small Christian prayer room designed to provide a sacred space within the mall

Looking for answers to some of life’s biggest questions?
The Chapel is a safe place to ask honest questions, we also offer a 10 week Course called ALPHA which serves as an excellent introduction to the Christian faith for anyone who might have questions

Looking for a church that doesn’t feel like a church?
The Chapel is unique in its style and approach; we recognise that we are not for everybody but we do what we do so we can reach the somebody’s who might never walk through the doors of a traditional church building. We are not a church in and of itself but rather a part of a larger church family called West Edmonton Christian Assembly. If you have questions about church, let us know.